ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! We are very proud and excited to introduce another season of the Revolution Bicycle Repair School!  Below are descriptions for each session and information on where to sign up.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in one of our classes!


Each Student recieves a coupon for 15% off parts and tools.  Coupon is good for 30 days after student’s last class and does not apply to new bikes or frames.

Tools will be provided for all classes.

Printouts or electronic version of topics covered will be available after each session.

It is recommended for students to bring their own bicycle.

Max 5 and Min 2 students per session.

Each student is eligible for only ONE make-up class if that student misses one of the four sessions.

***TO SCHEDULE A SESSION please either drop by the shop during our regualr business hours or call (with a credit card) and sign up.  There will be a minimum deposit of half the cost of the class.  We will not sign anyone up over email.***


We are offering 2 different classes, our Comprehensive and a Roadside Repair. We will teach Wheel Building and Bike Assembly upon request.

ROADSIDE REPAIR– $50 plus tax – 1 class, 2 hours
Roadside Repair will cover, in one two-hour class, flat fixing and several basic repairs you may need to get you home safely when you are out riding.

COMPREHENSIVE – $175 plus tax – 4 classes, 2 hours ea; 1 class per week
Comprehensive covers, in 4 two-hour classes, flat fixing and bicycle anatomy with a focus on the three basic properties of a bicycle: shifting, braking, and bearing surfaces. We will touch on wheel truing and roadside repairs as well as seasonal maintenance.
CLASS 1 – Intro to Bicycle Components & Flat Fix
CLASS 2 – Brakes & Wheel Maintanence
CLASS 3 – Derailleurs & Chain
CLASS 4 – Bearings & Drivetrain – Crank, Cassette, and Bottom Bracket

Comprehensive Classes will also cover:
– Bicycle Tools – what you need on the road and at home
– Qualities and values of components
– Differences between types of components
-Types of grease, lubricants, and cleaning productsfullsizerender-6





***2016 SCHEDULE***



12 Responses to “Repair School”

  1. Hi James, unfortunately no. We’ll consider some classes in June. Stay tuned!

  2. Lonna Brooks Says:

    I am interested in the Comprehensive class. Please let me know when it is being offered.

    Lonna Brooks

    1. Sorry a little late on this but yes we do gift certificates!

  3. peter Says:

    any comprehensive class this spring/early summer?

    1. Not this season! The classes will start up in the Fall.

  4. Jamie Jaeger Says:

    When is your next basic school class

  5. Jeff Hamm Says:

    Any bike classes this season, or out of luck until fall?

    1. Not this season, we’re incredibly busy right now to host classes. Check back with us in Fall.

  6. Jeff Hamm Says:

    Was just in the shop and was told to send a note to Earl. I have a $100 gift cert from my kids (from last Xmas) for classes. Have a hybrid and a road bike and a couple other family bikes that I just want to be able to keep clean and lubed. Learning how to fix a flat wouldn’t be bad either! Not mechanical (just ask my wife and kids), but willing to learn a little to extend the life of my beloved bikes. Thanks.

    1. I believe I remeber writing out that gift certificate! Again, we won’t host any classes until Fall

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