Thurs Night Rides are on!

It happens every year around April and May.  You wake up one day and take a peek outside.  You see the snow has melted so you check the weather online.  The week looks promising with temps between the 40s and 50s.  If you haven’t been riding much through the treacherous winter, you get excited at the idea of riding again.  Finally breaking a bad case of cabin fever, you grab your bike from your basement/garage and bring it over to your local bike shop.  Then you realize that everyone else in Madison is thinking the same thing you are and you have to wait a couple of weeks to get your bike back.  Oof.

So here’s a friendly reminder to bring your bike in now!  If you’ve been riding it this past year, your bike(s) most likely need some repair work.  Advantages of taking it in now?  In Spring and Summer, you don’t have to deal with the long repair wait!  For most of the busy season our tune up cue can be 2 – 3 weeks long.  If you bring it in now, we will do a free check over in the Spring.  If the bike wasn’t ridden in the snow or doesn’t show a tremendous amount of use, we will lubricate and grease components as necessary at no charge.  Turn around time right now is about 2 days (depending on if we have to order parts or not).  If you have gotten a full tune up or restoration by us this year, we will knock 15% off your next full tune.  Remind your family and friends!

We’re keeping ourselves busy with some great new bike builds and are very excited for Winter riding and the upcoming Spring.!

Photo by Surly Bikes

The buzz around the Surly Wednesday has been very high.  How could it not be?  Surly makes such great products and they are always pushing the design envelope.  Well, next week we will have a Small, Medium, and Large of the Wednesday completes!  Once these three are gone, they won’t be available until January.  Can’t believe we’re getting excited for Winter!  Give us a call or drop by if you are interested in getting one of these!

Check out Rev and a a bunch of good friends of ours in the latest Madison Magazine! We discuss winter cycling and all it’s amazing attributes.  Just like I state in the article, fat bikes are not necessary for enjoying cycling in the snow and cold.  It sure adds a level of fun and adventure to any commute or recreational ride, but before I got my Surly Pugsley 3 years ago, I rode all types of bikes and they all worked great!  It’s just a matter of comfort (your position on the bike) and some winter essentials (clothing, studded tires, fenders, etc).

But the true component to winter cycling is the desire and drive to ride to get out there. Just like our friend Chris says in the article “Winter biking is for a person with a healthy internal dialogue that says, ‘I’m not daunted by weather. I don’t need to have someone else script my life.”  Taking control of your fears and breaking societal ‘norms’ can be incredibly empowering.  Still doubt that you can be a winter cyclists?  I hope this article shows that you can because we do it…everyday.  For a shop that specializes in commuting, espeically this time of year, I will tell you it doesn’t matter how physically fit or old/young you are.  You can do it!


Hope I didnt freak you out with this photo!  It is, however, inevitable but for us fatbikers and other winter sports lovers, we can’t wait for the snow!  In preparations for this week’s snow fall, we’re heading over to Madison Bike Winter ‘s fashion show at Machinery Row tonight. Starts at 5pm and ends around 7. So no ride tonight but it’ll be cool to hangout and talk about winter biking!


Awesome times during winter bike to work week!  So many people contributed their energy to advocate and encourage people to bike through the Winter, especially from the Bike Fed and Madison Bike Winter.  It wasn’t an easy week to ride but it seems like there were a lot of converts this year.  Here are a couple of pics from our good friend/customer Nathan, you can check them out here and here.  Keep up the good fight and the rubber side down!

Merino Wool Baselayers

Merino wool, merino wool, merino wool.  That’s it.  Merino wool’s properties are ideal for winter riding and even for year round activities.  It’s one of the few materials from nature that has wicking capabilities, unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics.  This means that both in warm and cold climates, your perspiration is drawn away from your body.  This and other properties leads to less  body odor and bacteria from growing.  Therefore you can use it more than once without it smelling or causing harm to your skin.  Plus, it’s one of the softer types of wool so it can be worn against your skin with no irritation.

Merino wool does come at an initial high cost, but they are typically high quality and can last a long time, that is if it’s taken care of.  Most of my tops and bottom layers are going 3 years strong.  I wash them after about two to three uses and hang dry them.  They don’t lose their great qualities and don’t need any conditioning.  In the Spring and Fall seasons, I typically use one thin layer.  This time of year, I am head to toe in Merino: cap, buff, 2-3 tops, one bottom, and 2-3 socks.  Try not to cave in and buy the cheaper synthetics or cotton baselayer.  Save your pennies for Merino, you’ll never go back.  We have access to a lot of wool products and use them everyday, let us know if you have any questions!


Test Surly Pugsley

We have an 18″/Med sized Pugsley built just for test rides! Swing by and give it a spin or see if you’d want to borrow it for one of our Thurs night rides!

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