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Fat Bikes?  Trails?  Surly?  DONUTS?!  These are all such great things!  Mark your calendars ladies (repeat, ladies only), come out for some fun and shred some fat bikes!  Amber, She Shreds’ fearless leader, has got some great things lined up for you all!


(Gentlemen, you are welcome to come and show your support, just the bikes are not for you!)


I am really excited to announce that I will be representing Bell Helmets as a Joy Ride Ambassador for 2016! The program was founded to inspire AND enable female mountain bikers, of all levels, to ride and to ride more often.
First thing first, why do we need women’s only events and rides?  As someone who has been working in a male-dominant industry, who had very few female friends up until the last couple of years, rides regularly with “the boys”, and is pretty content with it. Really, what is missing? Women have a lot of shared experiences because we are all women and we face similar challenges negotiating life. We have similar experiences from childhood and our relatively gendered upbringing. Our friendships are a kinship that is different than of those with the guys. When it is just women we make the rules. Society likes to be kind of judgmental towards women and occasionally it is nice to be judged a little less, especially when trying something that can seem kinda scary.
My hope is to ENCOURAGE women to give mountain biking a shot. I want to provide resources and support to make every ride a positive experience. There is one too many stories of the dreaded first time mountain biking that ends in being mine. For me riding has become empowering. I am the first to admit I don’t have all the skills, I still jump off and walk my bike when I’m not feelin’ it, but riding your bike up rocks and over roots is undoubtedly an awesome feat that I would love to share!
Seriously tho, I just want to ride my bike and get rad, maybe there is some girl talk in the woods, then drink wine!
We post ride and event information on the Revolution Cycles Facebook page  and the She Shreds Facebook page.

Any questions feel free to email Amber at



What is mountain bike month you ask?  Well, this is going to be a month that the Rev crew will be spending a lot of time on mountain bikes, camping and having a grand time in nature.  Everyone or anyone is welcome to join us!  August and September are hosts to some truly amazing mountain bike events here in the Midwest.  The first one being this weekend for Single Speed USA (National) race at Levis Trow Mounds trail in Neilsville, WI (facebook).  Wisconsin won the slot to host it so let’s show the country how amazing our trails are and what better way than to shred them on one gear!  This is not going to be an easy race but the debauchery that follows makes it worth it all.

Then there is CORP Fest hosted by the hardworking folks at Capitol Off Road Pathfinders.  This is a celebration for all the volunteer hours that went into these great local trails.  Join us for fun activities and trail riding at the beautiful Bluemounds State Park.  There are going to be so many improvements and additions to the exsisting mountain bike trail systems in the upcoming years.  Learn all about them in a couple of weeks. So exciting!

Then there is Labor Day weekend!  We have been going to Copper Harbor MI for Copper Harbor Fest for the last 7 years.  If you didn’t know, Copper Harbor has become a mecca for mountain biking in the Midwest.  This trail brings thousands of people from across the country to shred some U.P. singletrack.  Nestled in the clear waters of Lake Superior, it has some awe inspiring views and terrain.  Worth a visit just to take a dip in the cool lake!  Which is always a great way to end this grueling ~30mi race with ~3000 ft of climbing.


Revolution Cycles is experiencing a tremendous growth lately.  We’ve doubled our workforce and inventory in the last two years.  We love working on all of your bikes, but witihin the next couple of weeks, we’re going to finally take some much needed time to ride OUR bikes.  Posted above is our open hours for the August and September.

Anyone interested in mountain biking, drop by and ask us about it.  Not only are there great trails in our lovely state of Wisconsin, there are so many just biking distance from our capitol.  Lastly, come hangout with us on our Thursday Night Rides!  Updates weekly on our facebook on where and when to meet.  It’s a casual ride out to Quarry Ridge in Fitchburg.  Ride as much or as little singletrack as you want but we all ride together!

We’re excited for the next couple of weeks, hope you can join us or at least hope you all are getting out there for some Summer fun!


Sunday Mtn Bike Ride is on! Heading over to Quarry Park today. Saw that they’ve cut some new trail out there so we’re excited! We leave the shop at 5:15pm. We will pass through Machinery Row as well as the SW trail/Monroe St if anyone wants to meet us at those points. We’ll make a few scenic break stops on the way back to the East side so if you don’t have a mountain bike, come roll with us anyways! Should be back to catch most of the Packer game!

Thursday Night Ride


Thursday Night Mountain Ride is back to singletrack! Funny that last week’s road ride consisted of all fat bikes except for two road bikes. Great build for all types of riding! This week we are heading to Quarry Park. Meet at Rev at 6 or Camp Randall/SW commuter trail atound 645. Remember, all riders welcome, even if you don’t have a mountain bike. Bring brews and a positive attitude and let’s shred some trail!

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride

Come ride with us for our Thurs Mountain Bike Ride!  Shooting for Quarry Ridge, meet at shop at 6pm or at Machinery row around 630.  If you don’t have a mountain bike, road ride with us and there will be mountain bikes to share.  Remember, this is a very relaxed event.  Ride as hard or as easy as you want but always focus on having a fun time!


Video Here!

Here we go again!  Check out this quick video of our buddy Kelsey getting some air at Quarry Park and she’s only been mountain biking for a year!  Again, all riders and skill levels welcome.  Be prepared to put in some miles on our ride to local trails.  Bring lights, appropriate clothing for the weather, snacks/energy food, and beers if you want to share (and of age).  Meet at the shop at 6pm, we leave around 6:15pm and will probably end up at One Barrel.  Hope to see some of you there!

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