So why is mountain biking important?  Well, most of all it’s fun.  Really really fun.  Now, a lot of you that have never been mountain biking and think of it as a ‘Red Bull’ sponsored extreme sport, I’m here to say it’s not.  Even though that does exist, mountain biking is what you make of it.  I do love tearing through a trail at full speed on bike but I also love riding my big tired cruiser on some singletrack.  It truly is an amazing thrill that will guarantee you to feel like a kid again.  Not that awkward pimpled-face kid, but that carefree-excitable-firefly-chasing  kid.

Cam Rock Trails in Cambridge / Rockdale

What also makes it important to me is that you will appreciate the outdoors more.  An avid city-cyclist friend told me once that he finally felt at peace on a bike.  No cars, no litter, no pollution, no advertisements, and no concrete.  It also allows you to travel to places you wouldn’t think of going.  Being Chicago born, with skyscrapers in my blood, I had no idea I would ever be so excited to drive 6 hours to the top of the Michigan UP in Copper Harbor just to dig into some amazing singletrack.  Visiting these places also helps local economies.  Plus the locals are always fun!

This Thursday at 7:30pm, Revolution Cycles will be hosting CORP’s (Capitol Off Road Pathfinders) Spring Club Social.  Facebook link hereCORP is a non-profit mountain bike group that helps build and maintain environmentally responsible trails around the Madison area.  Whether you are a new mountain biker, seasoned racer, or just interested in trying it out this year, swing on by!  At least have a cold brew with us.  Mountain biking has truly changed my life in so many ways and I know it can do the same for you.  The culture is strong, fun, and very welcoming.  Come by this Thursday and see what all the hoopla is all about!

On the Trail

This is such an important video.  Not just because it’s visually amazing, but the information is so pertinent to live a healthy life.  Life can get very stressful and once the cycle begins, it’s very hard to break.  The remedy for stress and unhealthiness is really quite simple.  Getting healthier can create better bonds with people and just make the life we all have just so much better.  I watch this video once every couple of weeks to remind me to follow just this simple solution and has honestly changed my life.  Just watch the video and please share it.

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