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Cea's custom painted Surly Disc Trucker!

Revolution Cycles can now do custom powerder coating! So if you’ve ever wanted to change your bike color or clean up all the dings and rust from a frame, we can help you out with that! This is a Surly Disc Trucker we recently built up for a customer and we did it up in deep blue with a gloss flake finish. It turned out great! Send us an email or drop by with any questions.


We have a 56cm Surly Cross Check and 52cm Surly Disc Trucker in stock for test rides. We’ll also have some Pugsley fat bikes soon too! If anyone is interested in trying them out, swing on by!

Muse's Fatback Fat Bikes

5″ tires!  Made in the USofA!  Muse is all smiles while riding this funmobile.  Is it bad that we’re super excited for Winter?

Matt's Surly Pugsley

This one is our 3rd fat bike build in a month. People are catching on that fat bikes are not just for winter! Matt has been joining us for our Thurs night rides and wanted a bike that could shred through our local trails. The Surly Pugsley is perfect for that!



We just can’t get enough of these Surly Cross Checks!  This one was custom built for Brian whose only bike for the last 30 years was a custom mountain bike made in England.  Brian chose to get a new Cross Check so that he can commute with a little more ease but be able do some longer rides in the weekend.

With matching silver components and honey Brooks leather bits, he’ll be riding with some style!  We also threw on the Salsa Woodchipper bars for it’s geometry.  Since he’s been using a mountain bike for so many years, it’s nice to have  a drop handlebar with some width to them.  Thanks for choosing us to get a new bike after all those years!

Tim's Soma Saga


Tim has got a couple of young ones excited to ride around town with their dad.  So he upgraded from his skinny tired road bike to get the ultimate hauler; a Soma Saga touring bike.  Simple 2×10 system with enough of a gear range to haul his happy kids around as well as blast through gravel paths.  This thing turned out beautiful!

Steve's Surly Disc Trucker
Steve has a good collection of bikes.  But amongst them, he had nothing that was suited for the long haul.  So we build him up this Disc Trucker with Jones bars.  Hope this gets some well deserved off road and fully loaded miles this year!

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