Bike Mag – Endangered Species

This article speaks loudly about the state of consumerism. True that you may save a buck or two online but you will never gain the wealth of knowledge and/or loyalty of the experts just down the street. At the end of the day (as this article states) it’s about connecting on a much deeper level than buying products at a low price.

It’s about building a community, participating on a personal level. It’s about supporting the local industries that actually care about their customers. We at Rev are here for you, our main focus is that you are safe and continue to enjoy riding your bike. If it’s busy and it takes us an extra minute to answer your questions, please be patient, because we are truly eager to help you.

We are tremendously grateful for all of your support and are here today because of you. So swing on by, whether it’s for a simple question, complete overhaul on your bike, looking for people to ride with, or if you just want to chat about anything over a coffee or beer.