So I’ve been posting a lot of new bikes, especially the ones with those really fat tires.  In recent past, we’ve been building a lot of custom bikes and are gaining recognition for it.  Even though those bikes are brand spanking new and look really clean, the reality is that most if not all bikes get beat up.  We like beat up bikes because it shows that they are used.  That they serve a purpose in someone’s life.

Henry's commuterHenry’s Univega Commuter with Studded Tires

With all the bikes that I’ve been posting, I just want to be clear that the only thing Revolution Cycles has and always will encourage is to ride bikes.  If you don’t have a lot of cash to invest or have no need to get a new bike, well then let’s make the bike that you have the most comfortable and dependable bike it can be.  9 times out of 10 the bike that comes in for repair is not shiny and new.  Most of these bikes were either picked up at a garage sale, bought blindly at a bike store, or handed down by friends or family.  These bikes are used to get groceries, haul their kids places, go to the movies, get to work, or do whatever you can imagine a bike can do.

John's Jamis Mountain BikeJohn’s Jamis Winter Commuter

These bikes have so much life in them and all they need is a little TLC a couple times a year.  The knicks and scratches, dents and blemishes are a testament to the many places it has been.  With a bit of help from us, these bikes will continue to carry the rider into the future.  This post is an ode to your bike.  Think of where it’s taken you.  Enjoy that for a moment and revel in the fact that you can always depend on it to get you where you need.  It’s a good feeling.  Spring is coming soon, swing on by if it needs any tuning.  If not, well then we’ll see you on the road!