Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with genuine love from family and friends.  Well, today, Revolution Cycles will be closed for Buy Nothing Day.  I would like to take an extra step and say that the urgency for change is growing greater everyday.  We cannot deny the troubles faced with climate change (this is scary if we don’t do anything) and the great disparity in our socio economic system.

World change doesn’t come in big leaps.  It starts with us.  Change happens in our everyday small actions.  From minimalizing and getting rid of our clutter to buying local to taking less trips in a car to purchasing in bulk.  Even from hang drying clothes to taking quicker showers to riding your bike more (that’s where we come in!).

So this Holiday season, consider these options for ourselves and our loved ones.  Regardless, we need to make these changes now.  For our health, for our community, for our Earth.  We all can do this and be happier for doing it.