We are proud to announce the introduction of Revolution Cycles’ cycling club and jerseys!  The idea of the cycling club is to allow anyone to represent us in a race, weekend ride, on the trails, in the snow or on their commute.  No elitism here, everyone is a part of it.  Whether you want to feel like a part of a supportive group or just like how the jersey looks, you can ride with Revoluiton.  Even when you bring your bike in for repair or purchase new cycling accessories from us, you are showing your support for the shop.  It’s just now we will have jerseys available!

In a few months we will have cycling apparel available for purchase.  As for now we are sponsoring three riders; Alex Martin, Travis Braun, and Mark Vareschi, in the 2014/2015 cyclocross season.  Go check out the jerseys and throw them support at this weekend’s Halloween Cross in Milwaukee!  We are very excited about this endeavour and hope you are too!

Thursday Night Ride

This last Thursday Night Ride was phenomenal.  The brisk Fall weather and rolling hills of the west side of Madison was the perfect backdrop for an evening ride.  We took a couple of beverage breaks by the the water and a stop at Michael Frozen Custard and One Barrel.  It was a great night to share with friends exploring this great city, hope to see you there this week!

Who’s pumped for winter?! Surly Ice Cream Truck fat bikes are available!

Finally we have Rev water bottles in stock! $8 for the large ones, $6 for the small ones.

This video has been out for a couple of weeks but if you have 15 minutes to spare, check it out. Dave makes some amazing points on how the bicycle can really be a positive impact in our communities. This involves getting more people excited to ride bikes which means bridging gender and race inequalities. I especially like the point about the true costs differences between living centrally in a city versus living in the sububurbs.

Watch this and think about Dave’s points. I’m sure it will make interesting conversation with colleagues, friends, and family. Regardless, lets try and make things better for our communities. We at Rev are trying to do that by making your bikes safe and fun to ride!


We’ve switched our mountain bike rides to Sunday! Today we head to secret trails that need a little grooming. Meet at the shop at 2:45 for trail maintanence or at 5:00 for the ride. It’s not far from the shop!


Well that was fun! Yesterday we were joined by one year old Angus, the youngest rider on our Thur Night Ride! We headed to Gov Island and hung out on the shore of Mendota. It was a beautiful evening!


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