For the first time in over three months we are cancelling tonight’s Thurs Night Mountain Bike Ride.  Forecast calls for rain on top of the fact that the trails are already soaked.  We’d host a rainy road ride but instead we’re going to build up some used bikes for our sale during Labor Day weekend!

Yup, mountain biking is super rad.  But a weekend in some of the best singletrack in the Midwest, with my best friends, crystal clear and refreshing lakes, meeting new and awesome individuals, with positive vibes everywhere?!  This is what dreams are made of.

Single Speed USA - Copper Harbor

Last week, we experienced all of the great things mountain biking can offer in Copper Harbor MI during Single Speed USA.  The event is notorious for its boistrous shenanigans and beer-soaked games, but the race is never a walk in the park.  It was 30 miles in length with around 3,000 feet of elevation change…all on one gear.  The Revolution Cycles crew and friends new and old had a blast hanging out and  riding these great trails.  Some particiapants took the race seriously, others were just happy to be there.  Others were challenged to wrestle, others jumped off the pier into an ice cold lake.  You basically did what was fun.

Single Speed USA - Copper Harbor

Lake Superior

Single Speed USA - Copper Harbor

Race Ready – Brett in beautiful tights

I had an amazing time racing, it was great to push and offer words of support for each other.  I didn’t crash but cramped a little bit.  The climbs were monstrous and at times I was cursing the course.  Then all was grand with the incredibly fast flow descents.  Plus I loved all the steep rocky and rooty sections, some did not share my enthusiasm.

On the way back, some of us decided to ride the Michigan Tech Trails in Houghton.  Even though we were beat up from the race, the stop was well worth the trip.  Trail maps everywhere with a lot of terrain variety and not to mention more super fast flow trails!  To top it all we made a pizza stop in Wausau with our friend’s family.  So much love!

In the end, this is why we love mountain biking.  The thrill of each trail leaves you craving for more.  Everytime I head home I get pumped to explore new trails or figure out more time to revist the ones I love.  You don’t have to race to enjoy them.  You can ride by yourself or with a group.  You can take your time on some sections or you can push yourself to clear something that’s challenging.  You will get better with every pedal stroke and everytime you hate a part of it, you’ll always end up loving it all.  For me, nothing else compares to singletrack.  If you haven’t tried it out, I highly recommend that you do.  Swing by and ask us questions if you want to start!

Single Speed USA - Copper Harbor

Riding back the next morning after spending the night by a bon fire on a pebble beach. A great way to rest after a difficult race.




We love this time of year because we get to meet so many new people moving to Madison! We’ve already met so many from all parts of the country; Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Washington, etc. If you are new to town we’d love to meet you! We can get you a little more acquainted with the city with some advice and free Madison bicycle maps as well as group rides that we host.

In preperation for move-in week and back to school, we’ve upped our inventory with awesome new helmets and accessories. Keep an eye on at revolutioncycles.net and/or our facebook for updates on our used bike sale coming in at the end of the month!

Thursday Night Ride


Thursday Night Mountain Ride is back to singletrack! Funny that last week’s road ride consisted of all fat bikes except for two road bikes. Great build for all types of riding! This week we are heading to Quarry Park. Meet at Rev at 6 or Camp Randall/SW commuter trail atound 645. Remember, all riders welcome, even if you don’t have a mountain bike. Bring brews and a positive attitude and let’s shred some trail!

Matt's Surly Pugsley

This one is our 3rd fat bike build in a month. People are catching on that fat bikes are not just for winter! Matt has been joining us for our Thurs night rides and wanted a bike that could shred through our local trails. The Surly Pugsley is perfect for that!

Thank You!

Well that was fantastic! Our pig roast was filled with great friends and good fun. Again, thanks to everyone that has given us the oppurtunity to work on your bike. It has truly been an honor to be here for you all and we will continue to provide a professional but friendly place to bring your bike in. Much love to you all, drop by anytime!

Revolution Cycles Pig Roast

Come to our customer appreciation pig roast party! Just want to say thanks to so many of our customers/friends. Swing on by after 4pm this Saturday, there will be beers and both veggie and non-veggie foods available! Donations are all we ask, hope to see you there!


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