Maybe it’s the Midwest in me, but when I’m out in public I make an effort to smile and nod at people.  Especially when riding my bike, I wave to fellow cyclists, dog walkers, and even joggers or runners.  I guess, inately I want to acknowledge that we are all humans sharing this world.


So many times in our lives, we take possession of things that are not really ours.  That biker is in ‘MY’ lane, that driver took ‘MY’ parking spot, that person took ‘MY’ last jelly filled donut at the grocery store.

In the end, we’re all in this together.  When I ride around and see people out, it just makes me happy that people are enjoying the world; utilizing the same parks, trails, sidewalks, and roads that I’m using.   These things aren’t ‘mine,’ they are ‘ours.’ So I wave, nod, or smile.  We all need to get to work, get to appointments, and pick up groceries, we might as well just try to enjoy it instead of being grumpy.  I will tell you, one leads to a more fulfilling life.



Fat Bikes?  Trails?  Surly?  DONUTS?!  These are all such great things!  Mark your calendars ladies (repeat, ladies only), come out for some fun and shred some fat bikes!  Amber, She Shreds’ fearless leader, has got some great things lined up for you all!


(Gentlemen, you are welcome to come and show your support, just the bikes are not for you!)



A lot of shop conversations with new Madisonians say that a big allure to moving here is our cycling infrastructure. Everyday we appreciate the plethora of paths and the fact they’re maintained regularly. After reading a new article from New Republic, it got me thinking what if we did some big changes to get more people to ride/walk/bus places? Would you take to alternative tranportations if driving was more expensive? Would it change what part of the city you live in? Being in an area that is very family oriented, it’s inspiring to see so many families that only own one car with one or both parents that cycle daily. Some even bike their kids to school! Seeing this day in and day out we know that it can work for a lot of people. What would it take for you to use other modes of transportation?


I am really excited to announce that I will be representing Bell Helmets as a Joy Ride Ambassador for 2016! The program was founded to inspire AND enable female mountain bikers, of all levels, to ride and to ride more often.
First thing first, why do we need women’s only events and rides?  As someone who has been working in a male-dominant industry, who had very few female friends up until the last couple of years, rides regularly with “the boys”, and is pretty content with it. Really, what is missing? Women have a lot of shared experiences because we are all women and we face similar challenges negotiating life. We have similar experiences from childhood and our relatively gendered upbringing. Our friendships are a kinship that is different than of those with the guys. When it is just women we make the rules. Society likes to be kind of judgmental towards women and occasionally it is nice to be judged a little less, especially when trying something that can seem kinda scary.
My hope is to ENCOURAGE women to give mountain biking a shot. I want to provide resources and support to make every ride a positive experience. There is one too many stories of the dreaded first time mountain biking that ends in being mine. For me riding has become empowering. I am the first to admit I don’t have all the skills, I still jump off and walk my bike when I’m not feelin’ it, but riding your bike up rocks and over roots is undoubtedly an awesome feat that I would love to share!
Seriously tho, I just want to ride my bike and get rad, maybe there is some girl talk in the woods, then drink wine!
We post ride and event information on the Revolution Cycles Facebook page  and the She Shreds Facebook page.

Any questions feel free to email Amber at



It’s happening this Saturday!  Group ride leaves from Camrock Cafe at 2pm. There will be beer from Surly Brewing available for all you thirsty folks with prizes and games available to everyone!  We’ll be there with some fun activities for all to partake in.  Members of CORP  can also enjoy their annual party beginning at 5pm at the cafe.  Come, be jolly, and let’s ride some fat tired bikes!  More info here!

**Closing at 2:30pm on Sat 12/5**

Happy Thanksgiving!

Depending on who you talk to the idea of Thanksgiving can either posses a positive or negative connotation, and sometimes, it can even get political.  Now, I’m not here to really dissect one or the other, but most people here in the US of A have a couple of days off this time of year.  What I ask of you is to think how are you going to approach the next couple of days?

Are you going to choose to be stressed out about family or that you will have a mountain of things at work to go back to?  Are you going to be concerned that all the food is going to destroy your current diet plans or dread the foreseeable travel either by car or plane or train?

I recently found this video about stress, take a peek if you have a couple of minutes…

Basically, the video explains that we as humans have the unique ability to change the way we feel. I would really like to believe that you CAN CHOOSE to feel great!

You might start to feel excited about the rare chance you get to see all your family members OR that work doesn’t have to control your life.  Maybe you can start to appreciate the bounty of homemade food that you and your loved ones prepared or that maybe a 4 hour drive or 6 hour flight is all worth it to see the ones you love.

Some of you might find this fluff or nonsense, and, maybe it is.  However, I would like to believe that we have much more control over our mood than we tend to think.  I chose to NOT hate on the 5 people in front of me that ordered the most complicated and time-consuming coffee-like beverage at my local cafe this morning (it gave me time to read the paper before heading to work!) just like I choose to NOT stress out when it starts pouring on me while biking home.  Someone once told me that time is the one thing that you can never get back.  So, are you going to spend time being upset and frustrated OR appreciative and happy?

So this is part of the reason we close the shop on ‘Black Friday.’  If you care for your friends and family, then spend the time with them instead of rushing off to buy things you probably don’t even need in the first place, and be mindful when you are together.  Listen, laugh, cry, and really be present. Be there for them (and yes, put your phone down!).

In the end, I hope you all have a great time with whatever you all do, with whomever you choose to spend the next couple of days with.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody from me and everyone at Rev!


Thurs Night Rides are on!

It happens every year around April and May.  You wake up one day and take a peek outside.  You see the snow has melted so you check the weather online.  The week looks promising with temps between the 40s and 50s.  If you haven’t been riding much through the treacherous winter, you get excited at the idea of riding again.  Finally breaking a bad case of cabin fever, you grab your bike from your basement/garage and bring it over to your local bike shop.  Then you realize that everyone else in Madison is thinking the same thing you are and you have to wait a couple of weeks to get your bike back.  Oof.

So here’s a friendly reminder to bring your bike in now!  If you’ve been riding it this past year, your bike(s) most likely need some repair work.  Advantages of taking it in now?  In Spring and Summer, you don’t have to deal with the long repair wait!  For most of the busy season our tune up cue can be 2 – 3 weeks long.  If you bring it in now, we will do a free check over in the Spring.  If the bike wasn’t ridden in the snow or doesn’t show a tremendous amount of use, we will lubricate and grease components as necessary at no charge.  Turn around time right now is about 2 days (depending on if we have to order parts or not).  If you have gotten a full tune up or restoration by us this year, we will knock 15% off your next full tune.  Remind your family and friends!

We’re keeping ourselves busy with some great new bike builds and are very excited for Winter riding and the upcoming Spring.!


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