UntitledHey everyone, say hello to Mitch (guy with the helmet on)!  Mitch has been a friend of ours for many years and after a 7 year hiatus, he has returned back to Madison.  In his time away, he has become an excellent mechanic and a lover of those fat tired Surly bikes.  Needless to say he is quite a rad dude and you will be seeing him up front with Jeff (guy pointing the finger) helping you all out.  Come by and say hello, he’s not shy.

Yup, we still have a ton of repairs so again, we will ONLY be open today from 4:30 – 6:00. Also, Thurs Night casual road ride is on! Looks like a nice warm evening for it!



Hello everyone! So we’re still very busy (which is a great thing!). Again, we will ONLY be open today from 4:30 – 6:00pm. To be honest, the reason why it’s been so busy here at Rev is because the Spring season came one whole month early. The flood of customers don’t really come in until the first week of April, which would have given us time to finish up reconstruction and hire a couple of new employees (who coincidentally are not available until the first week of April).  So at the current moment, we are a little short staffed and have a mountain of things to do (but don’t worry, we’re on it!)

Due to the the growth of cycling in this wonderful city, we have seen the business grow beyond what we thought it could be. So with the change of times we are striving to be more efficient and organized while still being the same Rev that people have grown to love. What’s going to change? Faster turn around times for repairs and custom builds, better product displays, more events (ie rides,races, and parties), more involvement in the cycling community, and much more! It’s been a difficult journey to this point but we are ecstatic to continue to provide anyone with a welcoming place for all things bike related. So again, thanks for all your patience and your business! Hope to see you all in the shop/road/trails!

— Earl


Come and support Madison West Mountain Bike Club by checking out a screening of Singletrack High, a movie about high school mountain biking. It’s so great to see cycling grow not only in the streets/trails but also in our schools! Hope to see you there!

Hello everyone!  Due to an incredibly large workload, we will ONLY be open today (Thurs) from 4:30-6:00pm.  For any questions please email us at revolutioncyclesmadison@yahoo.com.  Thanks for your patience!

Rev Team

Check out Rev and a a bunch of good friends of ours in the latest Madison Magazine! We discuss winter cycling and all it’s amazing attributes.  Just like I state in the article, fat bikes are not necessary for enjoying cycling in the snow and cold.  It sure adds a level of fun and adventure to any commute or recreational ride, but before I got my Surly Pugsley 3 years ago, I rode all types of bikes and they all worked great!  It’s just a matter of comfort (your position on the bike) and some winter essentials (clothing, studded tires, fenders, etc).

But the true component to winter cycling is the desire and drive to ride to get out there. Just like our friend Chris says in the article “Winter biking is for a person with a healthy internal dialogue that says, ‘I’m not daunted by weather. I don’t need to have someone else script my life.”  Taking control of your fears and breaking societal ‘norms’ can be incredibly empowering.  Still doubt that you can be a winter cyclists?  I hope this article shows that you can because we do it…everyday.  For a shop that specializes in commuting, espeically this time of year, I will tell you it doesn’t matter how physically fit or old/young you are.  You can do it!

A New Revolution Cycles

Our clean up and trip to Maquette MI were both very invigorating.  Now we have come back to a clean shop that is ready for some great improvements. Until we have some new fixtures up, our shop will look very sparse.  No fear, all of our products are neatly tucked away in our basement and are easily accessible.  Our service area is also 100% functional so bring your bike in if it needs anything! But please excuse us during this transition time.  At the moment we have a ton of new bike builds to workon (Surly Pugsleys and Stragglers).  Not bad for mid February!


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