Late night bike build session! We stayed until 2am to get some used bikes wrapped up!

It’s Friday night and all I can think of is being thankful. I feel honored to work for a bike shop where everyone truly believes in what they do. To have pride in their hard work, to make sure that every effort is going into building a stronger and healthy bike shop not only for their fellow employees, but for their customers. On the plus side, we all have become really close friends and truly enjoy each other’s company.

With all the changes at the shop, I’ve realized that in order to open your life to positive change, you have to start now. The task can be daunting, but if you have a pile of boxes to organize, all it takes is going through one box at a time. But it sure goes quicker with the help of others. We wouldn’t be moving this shop forward to new horizons without this great team.

Trust in the people that are close to you, those that give positive meaning into your life. Be thankful for all of them but also make sure you to let them know what they mean to you. But also trust that good things can happen if you work for it.


Renovations ahead!

We are excited for all the new changes at the shop! I’ve been using my CAD skills to virtually reconstruct the shop with some much needed renovations. We want to mainly focus on rebuilding our bathroom. It will be ADA accessible as well as incorporate a bike shower. Yup, you heard it. A bike shower. We’ve been wanting one for years and now it’s in our sights! This will help speed up our tune ups and offer up a place where bike(s) can be washed.

Sometime around mid-February we will have a bike washing service. With more people taking up mountain biking and winter cycling, we’re seeing more bikes that can benefit from getting hosed down. There will be a nominal charge but customers won’t have to deal with the mess of doing it at their own place.

We will also take this time to put a new coating on the floor and reconfigure the repair area. With the amazing growth to our business we will need to add another repair bench and change the flow for our mechanics. In addition, there will be a lot of new displays in order to offer a better variety of products.

In short, the shop as you see it now will look very different in the coming weeks. We’ve been planning for months and are very excited for all of this. Again, we wouldn’t have gotten here without our amazing customers. Thank you all so much for your support and continue to buy local!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Revolution Cycles! We’ll be closed the 24th and the 25th. We have lots on the Rev horizon so updates on all of that soon. But for now, take the time this season to acknowledge how lucky we all are and be thankful for all the good in our lives. Much love to you all and let’s hope for some snow soon!


Let’s go for a holiday ride! Meeting at the shop at 5pm today. Keeping it simple and riding around Lake Monona (going East from Rev) then through the Holiday Lights at Olin Park! After that we’ll gauge if we want to go for some more miles. Regardless we will stop at the Mason Bar on Park. Decorating your bike is highly recommended!

Global Fat Bike Day 2014

Got a nice ride planned out for tonight!  Looks clear but a relatively chilly ‘feels like’ 20deg.  Meet at the shop at 6pm and leave around 615pm.  Heading out West and can meet people in front of Memorial Union around 645pm.  Bring appropriate clothing, food/drinks, lights, and gear to ride comfortably over ice (ie studded tires).  Shooting for about 20-25 miles with one or two short stops.  Hope to see you all there!

Global Fat Bike Day 2014

What a rad day!  Had a great crowd at the Madison Global Fat Bike Day event. The first part of the day started at Camrock Cafe.  We gathered then had a nice ride through the trail with some fire and beer stops along the way.  It was quite muddy and icy but still incredibly fun!  We have to give it to Chuck, Tim, and all of those who keep CORP going.  Trail maintenance is not an easy thing, but all the volunteer work does show the passion that we all have for these trails.  There’s some measures in the works for doubling the trails out in Cambridge!

Pic via Tim Barber

Global Fat Bike Day 2014

The second part of the day started at the shop and was intended to be more of a casual ride to Karben 4 and Ale Asylum with some local trail in the mix.  Ended up being a great day full of good friends, great vibes, and amazing food and beer.  Keep the love going and let’s all go ride our bikes!


EVT - best bicycle stand!

Due to an overwhelming repair workload and the holiday season, we will not have any bike repair classes in December.  We will post a January schedule in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience!


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