Thank You!

Well that was fantastic! Our pig roast was filled with great friends and good fun. Again, thanks to everyone that has given us the oppurtunity to work on your bike. It has truly been an honor to be here for you all and we will continue to provide a professional but friendly place to bring your bike in. Much love to you all, drop by anytime!

Revolution Cycles Pig Roast

Come to our customer appreciation pig roast party! Just want to say thanks to so many of our customers/friends. Swing on by after 4pm this Saturday, there will be beers and both veggie and non-veggie foods available! Donations are all we ask, hope to see you there!


Bike Mag – Endangered Species

This article speaks loudly about the state of consumerism. True that you may save a buck or two online but you will never gain the wealth of knowledge and/or loyalty of the experts just down the street. At the end of the day (as this article states) it’s about connecting on a much deeper level than buying products at a low price.

It’s about building a community, participating on a personal level. It’s about supporting the local industries that actually care about their customers. We at Rev are here for you, our main focus is that you are safe and continue to enjoy riding your bike. If it’s busy and it takes us an extra minute to answer your questions, please be patient, because we are truly eager to help you.

We are tremendously grateful for all of your support and are here today because of you. So swing on by, whether it’s for a simple question, complete overhaul on your bike, looking for people to ride with, or if you just want to chat about anything over a coffee or beer.




We just can’t get enough of these Surly Cross Checks!  This one was custom built for Brian whose only bike for the last 30 years was a custom mountain bike made in England.  Brian chose to get a new Cross Check so that he can commute with a little more ease but be able do some longer rides in the weekend.

With matching silver components and honey Brooks leather bits, he’ll be riding with some style!  We also threw on the Salsa Woodchipper bars for it’s geometry.  Since he’s been using a mountain bike for so many years, it’s nice to have  a drop handlebar with some width to them.  Thanks for choosing us to get a new bike after all those years!


It’s been an unbelievable season that we are having! The busiest we have ever experienced and at times it gets really difficult to juggle so many repairs and tons of bike builds. But we’re getting it all done and are so happy that we have so many great customers!

But we need a break, so Revolution will be closed today and tomorrow to celebrate our country’s birthday. Have fun and be safe out there! We will be up and running on Sunday.

Ari’s Bike from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo.

I’m not going to say this a lot but this is a must watch. I know cycling can be therapeutic but for some, it’s a therapy that is necessary.

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride

Come ride with us for our Thurs Mountain Bike Ride!  Shooting for Quarry Ridge, meet at shop at 6pm or at Machinery row around 630.  If you don’t have a mountain bike, road ride with us and there will be mountain bikes to share.  Remember, this is a very relaxed event.  Ride as hard or as easy as you want but always focus on having a fun time!


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